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Bulking up is the most common reason why people take steroid products. For some individuals, working out in the gym isn’t something that feeds their goals. You can state as many alternatives as you can. You may even start with having healthy prep-meals up to doing intense circuit training. For a couple of months, you will see the changes in your body. But, for individuals who want more, a couple of steroids would be a great idea to dwell in.

What is Bonavar?

Bonavar is an oxandrolone medicine. It’s simply another term for anabolic androgenic steroids. Such type of supplements is mostly created by unregistered laboratories. Still, even if it the government restricts it, a lot of people are still looking for it. Athletes and common people get stacked with the medicines tagged under the Bonavar. This particular is originally manufactured in the laboratories in Thailand. If we look into its components, it is simply an oral medicine that is similar to Anavar.

Potential Benefits

Anyone who is interested in taking a dietary supplement knows exactly what they want. With a long list of variation in their uses, it all comes down to one thing. That particular reason everyone is going after for is to get the lean body they’ve always wanted. Now, to make you aware of the possible benefits you can get from this medicine, just have a glimpse of the list below.


It will help resist the breakdown of muscle tissues.

It mends the retention of nitrogen in the muscle.

It will keep on adding solid muscle mass.

It increases the production of red blood cells to improve strength.

Potential Side-Effects

If you are under the influence of a medication, there are certain things you need to consider. Not only you must focus on the bright side but you also need to check the unpleasant ones. Acquiring the negative side-effects of a medicine is not a news to be shocked about. To become aware of the oral Bonavar side effects, you must check the itemized warnings here.


  • Acne
  • Gynecomastia
  • Testosterone Suppression
  • Priaprism


  • Develops a Deeper Voice
  • Clitoromegaly
  • Amenorrhea
  • Random Body Hair Growth

Important Reminders

When buying the stacks online, be sure it is a legit dealer. The chances of acquiring the item from an illegal supplier can bring worse problems. See the right dosage for the cycle you prefer. Also, do not interfere with the advice of your physician pertaining to the correct dosage for you.

Sometimes, you get too excited to see t results in a month. Take note, even the most hardworking bodybuilders are patient to check the results. Hear out the restrictions and don’t go beyond the limitations. Each person may have differentiating dosage applicable for them. In your case, before you increase or decrease the consumption, you must consult the doctor. Sure, the entire process is somewhat a hassle on your part. But, to avoid any worsening of health complications, your responsibility is highly needed. Also, do not hide any previous health matters from your chosen medical practitioner. As much as those professionals want to see your success, they also want your honesty to avoid the worse scenarios.