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Actions to free yourself from addictive behavior

The complexity of an addiction is in its relationship with other elements of our existence and our personal training. The pattern of thought to which we are attached and which triggers our addiction is simple, but to the extent that it has been sustained in other aspects of who we are and also due to its unconscious character, it may seem complex, incomprehensible and for the same insurmountable. Click here for Sana Lake Recovery Center.

In this sense, attachment can be seen as a snowball rolling downhill: it gets bigger as it goes, but it also carries with it much of what it finds in its path. Hence the difficulty of leaving behind addictive behavior: it is an action that we carry out without knowing why, but we also continue to do it. In other words, it is an action carried out from unconsciousness.


Start by noticing the times when the addictive behavior you want to “disable” occurs. Not only in its general conditions, but above all in its specificity. That is, at first look at those addictive behaviors that you would like to get rid of (some are more obvious than others), but also the circumstances in which they occur. The urge to distract yourself (with social networks, for example), to be in company, to get angry or angry, to eat or drink … when exactly does it happen, and under what conditions? Visit this site for Lake Recovery Center. 

Sana Lake Recovery Center

Observe (without judgment)

Once you have begun to notice your addictive patterns, move on to a more refined level of consciousness. Observe your emotions, the sensations in your body and also the mental images that come to you when the need to satisfy your addiction is triggered (your associations, memories, thoughts that seem random, etc.). At all times try to do it without judging yourself, without reproaching yourself, without despair or fear. Just watch. It’s you looking at your conscience: nothing else.

Practice “letting go”

If you have begun to consciously perceive the paths your mind follows to connect the addictive pattern, you can try to practice “letting go,” that is, not repeating that same behavior, just letting go and letting it dissolve in the natural course of life. Maybe now you understand the reasons for your addiction, how it allows you to be and why you seem to need it; Perhaps now you see that it is not that things “are like this”, but that they are like this at the moment but they could also be different; Perhaps you have glimpsed the series of circumstances that gave rise to your addictive behavior … If you feel that you no longer need any of that, why not just stop doing it?

Useful ways of overcoming and controlling leptin resistance

There so much information regarding dieting that sometimes may become confusing to know the right food to take. It is obviously remembered that excess calories can result in the accumulation of fats in the body. Also, it is important to note that proper dieting cannot control obesity.

Checkout this link to find the essential factors you need to understand about dieting. Hormones like leptin act a significant role in assimilation and food digestion. Here are various leptin hormone control and overcome leptin resistance:

Replenish fats in the body

The primary role of the leptin hormone is to replenish fat that reserved in the body with energy. It is, therefore, an evolutionary benefit that ensures the body can survive, especially during famine. When the level of leptin has gone down, the brain will receive a signal from leptin hormone that the body needs food.

If the brain receptors are exhausted by too much calorie consumption, the leptin hormone level will increase, which may cause the body not to receive the right signal from the brain hypo5thalamus. Since the leptin hormone doesn’t work appropriately, the body will start requesting more food that will eventually cause obesity.

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How leptin receptors get worn out

It is important to know what causes receptors become exhausted. You should know that every time you eat food, any food, including snacks, every bit will be consumed in your body and into your bloodstream and leptin, will be released. If you are obsessing over five meal daily, you make your brain become under what is known as leptin barrage.

Also, then those snacks that you think don’t add up in your daily meal consumption will cause even the healthy ones to wear your receptors. A piece of exhausted Velcro will make your receptors to stop consumption of food nutrient into the bloodstream. That’s how you will discover you have issues with weight loss.

How to curb leptin resistance

Once you noticed that you are having leptin resistance issue, try to limit your daily meals intake. For instance, if you are usually taking 5 to 8 meals a day, at least to reduce it to 2 or 3 meals a day. Proper spacing of meals will give your body a suitable break of leptin hormone surge, which will make it focus on stored fats to release energy, rather than consuming calories.

Impact of inflammation to leptin hormone

One of the causes of leptin resistance is inflammations since it affects the reception by making them dormant. Therefore, it is always advised that if you’re suffering from an inflammatory problem, you should try using spices and anti-inflammatory herbs to decrease the systemic inflammation.


Improving your level of leptin will result in the perfection of the entire hormone function of the body. It means your body will get enough energy with a lesser weigh increase, which will eventually reduce inflammation. Leptin and leptin resistance is a minor body issue that can be managed naturally without seeking advanced medication.

copper compression gloves

Copper Gloves Uses to Address Health Problems

Copper gloves help to prevent Infection-causing germ, Harmful bacteria, and Viral diseases as it contains anti-fungal and microbial properties. Copper gloves are the lightweight, breathable, combination of firmness and warmth, and the power of real copper and they help to keep your hands sweat-free for an extended period. The benefit is it overall provides support and cushioning to your soft skin and paws. Continue reading to learn about more copper compression gloves.

Doctors suggest peoples, who have arthritis, fractures, restricted mobility, damaged muscles, or repetitive motion pains, which usually occurs in your hand and joints, can use these copper gloves. During your sleeping hours, that is, you can use it for eight hours. Any of the symptoms of pains, arthritis, and damaged muscles this is a perfect buy.

Besides arthritis, the following are three health conditions where you can use these copper compression gloves without hesitation.

  • Raynaud’s Syndrome

Symptoms of Raynaud’s syndrome are not visible. It feels like a standard flue but is not. It usually occurs during winters. By default, the condition is that the symptoms of this disease are that the pain and stays longer with time. You can take care of by using one of the copper gloves. As it would help you to regulate your body temperature and aid blood circulation. It would surely keep your hands pain-free without using g any drugs.

copper compression gloves

  • Hand Pain

Pain due to certain health conditions would be affecting the nerves and tendons in the extremities. That becomes evident when you pick an object, open doors, or carry a grocery bag. First, it may feel like a sensation but gradually would increase around the ligaments and joints of the wrist, forearms, and shoulders, which result in weak hands.

The best thing copper gloves can do is to keep your hands warms, stimulate blood circulation, and then would reduce the swelling. These gloves lessen the inflammation, mild compression, which minimizes the muscular pain and would let you sleep.

  • Hand Edema or Swelling from Burns, Fractures, or Surgeries

Hands get puffed. Typically, it begins with thickening of the subcutaneous skin, which might result in skin ulcers, to reduce the pain, you need to drink lots of water, do massages, limit intake of salt, and frequently used of copper gloves.

Dr. Arthritis will provide you the best quality of Raynaud glove at the best price. Purchase of their product will provide you free a copy of Dr. Arthritis handbook. These notebooks will contain valuable information about arthritis and even help you will some beneficial exercises

 So, these are some of the diseases which can be overcome by using copper gloves. To know more about or order online, click here now.