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Everything About Tadalafil and Timing

Everything About Tadalafil and Timing

Tadalafil is one kind of the ED medication, known by its brand name Cialis. This is often used as the alternative to Viagra. General rule is waiting for 36 hours between the doses however there are daily pills available. Let us get some more details on Tadalafil that will help you maintain the happy and fulfilling relationship.

Taking Tadalafil dose daily

Normally, it’s suggested you wait for at least 36 hours between your doses. It allows any effects of this drug to completely wear off. Suppose you take this medication on a Friday night, you must be very good till Sunday morning. But, daily Tadalafil drug is available in a branded version Cialis. By taking more than its recommended dose will improve side effects & adverse reactions. Suppose you suspect any drug overdose, then you must take medical attention immediately.


Types of Cialis

Technically, there’re two main formulations of Cialis: daily use & for when you want it.

Daily use Cialis

You may take the tablet every day because strength is low for effects of Tadalafil to totally wear off within 24 hours. You do not need to plan over the pill and have sex whenever you want between the doses. Suppose you take 2.5 mg or 5 mg tablet one time in a day, you must have good sex 4 to 5 days later. Just ensure that you do not take more than 1 tablet daily.

Cialis when you need

Such tablets generally come in 10 mg or 20 mg doses & last over 36 hours. One 20mg Tadalafil dose will work in half an hour. You cannot take the stronger pills every day. Ensure you wait for 36 hours before you start this medication again in order to avoid any negative effects of Tadalafil. Recommended starting Tadalafil doses are 2.5 mg for everyday use and 10 mg for the on-demand dosing. It will be increased and decreased depending on the needs. You must speak to your doctor if you are not sure.

Can I use on demand or daily?

You must use daily Tadalafil dose in case you are having sex 3 and more times in a week. You may prefer daily dose in case you like spontaneity in the sex life. This on-demand Tadalafil dose is good if you do not want ED medication each time. You must also use it if you do not have regular sex.

Larger dose will be effective for over 36 hours, thus it is popular nickname as ‘a Weekender’.

Final Words

Tadalafil drug is one amazing alternative to Viagra if you are looking for a fulfilling sex life. Also, it is important to wait for 36 hours between the doses till you are using Cialis daily dose. Make sure you check it with your doctor before you start the treatment to ensure it is appropriate for you.