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Why Natural Vitamins Are Usually Superior to Synthetic Ones

Why Natural Vitamins Are Usually Superior to Synthetic Ones

If you could get all the vitamins you need from your food, it would be great! However, this is unlikely to happen. Even if you use only natural products, you probably will not get enough of the vitamins and minerals your body wants.

For your own good, you should try to stay as good as possible, and this includes proper nutrition. However, do you slip and eat foods that are not so healthy? You probably had your share of fast food and junk food along with the rest of us! He skipped meals and occasionally included unhealthy dishes on the menu, right? It is not surprising that these products do not contain enough vitamins and minerals that you need. It is for this reason that you should consider taking supplements witamina c naturalna.

Now you have a choice: do you buy natural or synthetic vitamins and minerals?

This raises the question: are there differences between the two types of complements? Yes, there is, but the understanding that these differences can be deceptive.

In the medical community there is an argument in favor of the fact that the natural vitamins obtained from foods exceed the synthetic versions synthesized in the laboratory. It is Natural vitamins are often superior to synthetic ones, since all vitamins are not formed in the process of their creation in the laboratory.

witamina c naturalna

To be so effective, a synthetic vitamin molecule must be equivalent to a natural vitamin molecule. For example, one of the components of cynk w tabletkach is ascorbic acid. Laboratories can synthesize ascorbic acid and offer it as a source of vitamin C. But here’s the problem: ascorbic acid is one of the elements contained in natural vitamin C, among others. This makes the synthetic version less natural.

The way laboratory workers obtain ascorbic acid is to take it from glucose derived from corn. Since corn is the source of this synthetic vitamin C, vitamin producers claim that their synthetic vitamin is truly natural. This can be somewhat misleading, since synthetic vitamin C cannot really replace natural vitamin C. Synthetic vitamin C offers only a small part of what the full range of vitamin C offers.

More effective

In addition, natural vitamin C can be much more effective than synthetic vitamin C, although synthetic vitamin C seems to have a higher potency in terms of milligrams or micrograms. According to studies, synthetic vitamins are not as effective as natural vitamins. In fact, several studies that examine the differences between natural and synthetic vitamins show that natural vitamins are superior.

Those who are strong supporters of taking natural vitamins, believe that synthetics can make the body try to fill what is missing. The body can respond to synthetic vitamins in the same way as the symptoms that result from taking certain types of medications.

Take care of your mood in pregnancy

Pregnancy means a woman’s body goes through a lot of changes. These changes are not only physical but mental as well. There are releases of certain hormones that can lead to some mental unrest and mood changes during and post pregnancy.

To some, it can be a minor change which can be rectified easily, but to others it can be a major change which can create certain problems. Depression is a common phenomenon during pregnancy and a woman might feel certain uneasiness due to this. But this can be cured easily with light medications from experienced doctors. There can also be some neurological disorders after pregnancy or during pregnancy as well. If that happens, one immediately needs to see a proper doctor.

If one is having problems or suffering from dilemma then you can very well take help from a psychologist on how you can approach in seeing pregnancy on a positive note. Not only this, one you get pregnant, you can always take help from others. These nine months of tenure can see a lot of ups and downs in human moods and this is pretty normal. According to many psychologists, during this time, women go through a lot of physical as well as mental changes as they keep on trying to cope up with their role of being a new mother.

Apart from that, when it comes to pregnancy one should not have any medicine without proper prescription. A bit of carelessness can lead to miscarriage or deformity in the growing baby inside the womb.

The body weight should increase normally. A pregnant woman will gain at least 13 to 15 kilos during this tenure. Gaining more weight than this can be a bit problematic for both the mother and the child. So checking body weight is also very important. Also the growth of the belly is checked by the doctor. Only they can find whether it is growing right or not. now, the weight gain of the pregnant mother is also directly related to the diet that they follow during and post pregnancy.

The food is a very crucial part in this tenure. Remember, what you eat has a direct effect on your child. Eggs are not a very good thing in pregnancy. Raw eggs are mostly coated with bacteria and salmonella which can cause vomiting, diarrhoea and fever. Do not go for soft egg scrambles and some sunny side up but you can go for fully cooked eggs once in a while. Fish is very important when pregnancy diet is concerned. However, there are some varieties which should be avoided when one is pregnant. Fish which has high omega three fatty acid contents are very good as it helps in baby’s brain development.

When one is pregnant with a baby, they need proper rest. This does not mean that they will have to laze around for the entire day. But a sound sleep of 8 to 10 hours per day is very much needed. Also post pregnancy sound sleep is needed so that one can recover well.

Energize your Body with Ashwagandha

Energize your Body with Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is also called as Indian ginseng; it is a very powerful herb. The ashwagandha grows in India, Africa, and Middle East. There are numerous health benefits of using ashwagandha and now many other countries are aware of benefits of ashwagandha. Now the people of United States of America and many other countries in Europe are using the ashwagandha in their daily life to stay fit and healthy. There are some ashwagandha benefits for men such as lower blood pressure, depressions, stress, and control cholesterol etc.

How Ashwagandha works and how long it takes time to show result:

Ashwagandha can be consumed in different forms such as pills, powder and liquid extract. It will take some time to start working on the body and it also protects from the symptoms of oxidative stress. If you are taking ashwagandha, then everyday dosage you have to take in between 600mg to 1000mg two times a day. The ashwagandha shows the positive result after two weeks which is minimum time duration. But for positive result, you have to be stick with your proper diet and workout routine. And you have to take ashwagandha each and every day, if you don’t take ashwagandha properly, then it will not give you the positive result.

Side effects of Ashwagandha:

Ashwagandha is recommended by all doctors, nutritionist and many other supplementation specialists. But ashwagandha side effects are also a major problem; if you take the dosage in large amount then you will face the adverse effects of ashwagandha. The large dosage of ashwagandha may cause diarrhea and abdominal discomfort. So take the limited dosage of ashwagandha as recommended by doctors and nutritionist.

Ashwagandha benefits for men

Health Benefit of taking Ashwagandha:

  • Lower blood sugar: If you take the ashwagandha herb in the correct way, then it helps you in controlling the blood sugar level. This herb is very beneficial for diabetic’s patients. It helps the patient in increasing the insulin secretion and promotes the sensitivity of insulin in the body.
  • Reduce stress: In this era, many people suffer from stress because of day to day hectic lifestyle. If you also suffer from stress, then take the ashwagandha herb. It helps you in reducing the stress; it takes some time to show the positive result.
  • Reduce depression: If your loved ones or family member is in depression, then give them a little dosage of ashwagandha herbs as recommended by a doctor or nutritionist. In recent studies, people who are taking the dosage of 600mg per day of ashwagandha reduce their depression at 79%.
  • Reduce pain: The ashwagandha herb is also preventing the chronic pain. Apart from reducing the pain it also helps in curing the fever. If the herb is taken properly by the person.
  • Helps in weight loss: People who are suffering from stress will eat unhygienic food in their daily The habit of consuming unnecessary food means high calories which convert into fat. Take the dosage of 600mg ashwagandha herb and you will see result in 2 weeks and helps in fat loss too. But first, take advice from the doctor before you take ashwagandha.


Pacific NW Roots – Grow Your Medicinal Cannabis Garden!

Pacific NW Roots is known to be the curator of legit Pacific Northwest genetics. They are popular for cultivating high-end medicine and they have been their ultimate goal since day one. They always strive to bring enlightenment alongside their advocacy to keep the medical marijuana alive! For the past decades, using cannabis for medicinal reasons has been the growing trend and the Pacific NW Roots has been one of the most important players in the Washington state medical cannabis conversations.

Health Effects Of Medical Marijuana

Many people are using marijuana or the cannabis to treat different ailments and this is a known practice for over 3000 years! The Food and Drug Administration has not claimed marijuana to be safe and effective when it comes to the treatment of any medical condition. However, thousands, maybe millions of people swear to cannabis’ efficacy and safety. To give us an idea of what this plant can do, here are the health effects of the medical marijuana:

  • Chronic Pain. Numerous reviews have proven that marijuana and other products that contain cannabinoids which is the main ingredient found in marijuana act on the same receptors like in the marijuana are proven to be effective in relieving chronic pain.
  • Drug And Alcohol Addiction. A comprehensive review was done and was published last year by the Clinical Psychology Review and it revealed that by using medical marijuana, it can help individuals who are suffering from alcohol or drug dependencies and this can help them fight their addiction.


  • Depression, PTSD, and Social Anxiety. Medical marijuana is proven to help treat symptoms of mental illness. Some evidence was found and believed to help relieve depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD symptoms. However, marijuana is not an appropriate treatment for other mental illnesses like bipolar disorder and psychosis. Marijuana can also be used to alleviate symptoms of social anxiety but this is still a hot topic for debate between experts.
  • Many cancer patients use medical marijuana to help against nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy. Small studies have found that by smoking marijuana, it may help alleviate these symptoms.
  • In 2018, The FDA approved the use of medications that contain cannabidiol or CBD to help treat two of the rare, severe, and specific types of epilepsy; Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome.
  • Multiple Sclerosis. It is believed that short-term use of cannabinoids orally can help improve the symptoms of spasticity for patients suffering from multiple sclerosis. It gained positive results.

Pacific NW Roots Cannabis

The cannabis that is cultivated at the Pacific NW Roots is a true testament of the healing powers of this amazing plant. The trichomes here shimmer so proudly showing how Mary Jane is powerful. One of the best and the most popular products from Pacific NW Roots is their Fire Alien flower rosin which is guaranteed to be a high-quality run-in with cannabis. Pacific NW Roots are also featuring an extensive cannabis concentrates including another flower rosin called the Tres Star Dawg. Another must-try at Pacific NW Roots is the Kaya’s Koffee. She is a legendary lady when it comes to the medical cannabis scene.


Though both the medicines,namely anavar and winstrol, can prove to be a cool idea but there is a need to go with the certain limitations that can be a better administration. So, let us have a better view of how the anavar vs winstrol can prove to be a great idea for better medication.


There are certain problems that are commonly faced with the intake of steroids. They can come in the form of nausea, severe headaches, change of the skin color as well as the variations in sexual interest, hair loss, as well as the regular occurrence of acne. So, there is a need to go with the proper administration of steroids that don’t create such problems.


Though the compound can prove to be a great option for administration, there are certain problems that can be faced by it. One can be pretty sure of the fact that the compound is not at all estrogenic. This is something that cannot aromatize and can bring a huge amount of the side effects with itself. This is the steroid that is often complained of not having the water retention. At the same time, the administration of this specific compound can help with the idea of the curbing of the gynecomastia with people who regularly suffer from the issue of the water retention to the excess levels. One can be particularly confident about the fact that the water retention can result in the blood pressure.In order to go with the aims of abetter as well as the healthy lifestyle, there is a need to go with the maintenance of the levels so that they can help solve the problems.


There are certain problems that are faced by the administration of the anavar. There are certain problems that can come with the administration of these compounds. Though they can prove somewhat healthy to be used, this is not always the reality. If someone chooses to go with the excess consumption of alcohol in the administration periods, there is a chance to suffer from the worst as well the stressful situation with the liver. So, there is a need to go with the curbing of the stressful effects. However, there is also another counter medication that can be taken alongside to solve the issues.


There is a huge improvement with the administration of the anavar as well as the winstrol these days which are also coming with the limitations with the use. There is a need to go with the limited intake that can never prove to be somewhat harmful to the body.


Bulking up is the most common reason why people take steroid products. For some individuals, working out in the gym isn’t something that feeds their goals. You can state as many alternatives as you can. You may even start with having healthy prep-meals up to doing intense circuit training. For a couple of months, you will see the changes in your body. But, for individuals who want more, a couple of steroids would be a great idea to dwell in.

What is Bonavar?

Bonavar is an oxandrolone medicine. It’s simply another term for anabolic androgenic steroids. Such type of supplements is mostly created by unregistered laboratories. Still, even if it the government restricts it, a lot of people are still looking for it. Athletes and common people get stacked with the medicines tagged under the Bonavar. This particular is originally manufactured in the laboratories in Thailand. If we look into its components, it is simply an oral medicine that is similar to Anavar.

Potential Benefits

Anyone who is interested in taking a dietary supplement knows exactly what they want. With a long list of variation in their uses, it all comes down to one thing. That particular reason everyone is going after for is to get the lean body they’ve always wanted. Now, to make you aware of the possible benefits you can get from this medicine, just have a glimpse of the list below.


It will help resist the breakdown of muscle tissues.

It mends the retention of nitrogen in the muscle.

It will keep on adding solid muscle mass.

It increases the production of red blood cells to improve strength.

Potential Side-Effects

If you are under the influence of a medication, there are certain things you need to consider. Not only you must focus on the bright side but you also need to check the unpleasant ones. Acquiring the negative side-effects of a medicine is not a news to be shocked about. To become aware of the oral Bonavar side effects, you must check the itemized warnings here.


  • Acne
  • Gynecomastia
  • Testosterone Suppression
  • Priaprism


  • Develops a Deeper Voice
  • Clitoromegaly
  • Amenorrhea
  • Random Body Hair Growth

Important Reminders

When buying the stacks online, be sure it is a legit dealer. The chances of acquiring the item from an illegal supplier can bring worse problems. See the right dosage for the cycle you prefer. Also, do not interfere with the advice of your physician pertaining to the correct dosage for you.

Sometimes, you get too excited to see t results in a month. Take note, even the most hardworking bodybuilders are patient to check the results. Hear out the restrictions and don’t go beyond the limitations. Each person may have differentiating dosage applicable for them. In your case, before you increase or decrease the consumption, you must consult the doctor. Sure, the entire process is somewhat a hassle on your part. But, to avoid any worsening of health complications, your responsibility is highly needed. Also, do not hide any previous health matters from your chosen medical practitioner. As much as those professionals want to see your success, they also want your honesty to avoid the worse scenarios.


While steroids are best for the effective bodybuilding results besides regulating the cutting phases, it is always recommended that you should know every aspect of a steroid before using it. A steroid can be better for someone but may be harmful for another person and may not be suitable for his physique. Even the dosage and the discipline which is being maintained for the use of steroids should be properly supervised so that there will not be any problem related to the drugs. Even it is important to remember that steroids are not legal in each and every country and hence while purchasing your steroid you should abide by the regulations that have been already maintained within the country.

Using the steroids

The steroids may provide results depending on a person’s age, weight and other sort of conditions related to their health. It is advised that a person who is under some treatment must not use steroids other than the recommendations from the doctor which only falls under the medical usage and thereby cannot make you gain more side-effects. Those people who are using this steroid for the very first time can get better results as this steroid is good for the beginners because of their reportedly low side-effects. How to take Anavar tablets is largely available over the online websites that deal with the steroids. But if you have any queries related to the usage, you may depend on these websites for more information. But if you fail to maintain the dosage, it may lead to various side-effects.

The benefits of the steroid

The steroid is good for effectively cutting the hard muscle from the body thereby helping a person to gain better muscle mass without gaining the unwanted body weight. The steroid is really great in maximizing the strength of a person and thereby can create more speed within the body. The steroid is really fine for both the beginners and the experienced users. This steroid is really best in treating various health issues other than simple bodybuilding and cutting phases. But whenever you order the steroid, it is important to make sure, that you rely on the reputed websites for making you gain better effects rather than getting the side-effects. However there are also such black market sources which may prove to be harmful for the people.

The reputation of the drug

Though you will get more advice related to the use of the steroids from the websites, it is better that you also consult an expert of steroid before deciding on the steroid dosage. It is important to know how to take Anavar tablets so that you can effectively continue with the dosage. This steroid is good for use but it is important to know that overdose of the steroid may make you fall sick. It is better that you make no mistakes in maintaining the regularity and discipline while using the steroids for long. The steroid pills must be taken with care and proper knowledge about the product is absolutely necessary.


The most common health problems surrounding the people of all ages is the knee pain and other related ailments. Age is no bar and whether you are a teenager or a senior you are equally prone to developing any type of knee disorder. The common cause as everyone is aware is some kind of injury that may have occurred sometime back. The pain will lessen after some days and you will be fit and fine eventually. But if your problem is not ceasing and elongating days after days then it is time to meet a good physician or 4i HEALTH CARE is one such reputed name who focuses on all types of knee pains and related disorders. Senior mainly suffers knee pain because of the arthritis.

Irrespective of your age and the cause of the knee pain what is important is that you find the best treatment depending on the type of the treatment you are suffering from.

The best way is to heal the muscles surrounding the knees. There are huge chances that while the injury you may have injured your muscles, ligaments, tendons and cartilage surrounding the knee joint. Try to build them by giving them the proper rest and then you can try giving some light and little movement in the affected area. 4i HEALTH CARE deals in all types of chronic and acute pains related to the knee and he has helped many in regaining their normal knee health.

You can move to taking up some light exercises initially and then increasing the load as the knee muscles develop. Make sure you develop the quadriceps of your knees and this will help put off some strain that is causing the knee pain and will give you the relive. Make sure you chose the right light exercises by learning them properly and then increase the load so that your muscles develop and you can get rid of your all knee pains.

The third way is to contact a reputed knee treatment program provider hospital where you can get the best services. You may check in the private as well as the public sector and make sure you choose the right one. To get the results it is best that you first get to know the problem and what has caused it and then only it is possible for the physician to suggest you the best rehabilitation program suited for your condition.


DBol is one of the most amazing anabolic steroids for fast effects on durability and strength. It provides an immediate result for users which only show that Dianabol is so popular. Although DBol has many positive features, it is no angel. The adverse reactions it can cause may not be the most serious, but it’s probably the one anabolic steroid that’s going to give you a broader range of adverse reactions than any other anabolic steroid available. Of course, for as long as you’re healthy, it is essential that you have have sufficient safety support throughout the DBol cycle followed by an organized well post cycle therapy. Such then that these adverse reactions can pretty much be terminated out.

Dianabol is an anabolic complement, and the way the Dbol pattern works create it an ideal alternative for steroid drugs. Generally what it does is imitate the results of the methandrostenolone anabolic steroid, but without the side effects. To get the most out of the Dbol steroid however, you need to understand its pattern and what products to collect it with.

How to Increase Dianabol Results

The best way to take advantage of your dianabol-cycles is to collect it with other bulking steroid drugs. As earlier described, Arnold Schwarzenegger was also thought to be taking deca durabolin to add even more size and width to his muscular tissue.

Other bulking substances you can collection with dianabol include:




Using Dbol Safely

Using Dianabol can have side effects on some body features, and the result can be serious. Its use can lead to hypertension, great quantity of “bad” cholesterol levels HDL, and low quantity of “good” cholesterol levels, LDL. This can have a negative influence on the heart. Using the medication can also put stress on the liver organ as it has a substance that keeps the liver organ from splitting down the oral anabolic steroid so it can get to the blood vessels at great durability stages. There is an injectable edition of this anabolic steroid known as Equipoise or Boldenone Undeclynate that some people decide to use instead of the oral anabolic steroid to prevent liver organ harm. However, injectable steroid drugs cause other threats related to the use of small needles.

The End Result

DBol may not provide ideal leads to conditions of muscular benefits. However, it’s still an effective anabolic steroid to have in your collection. It’s been a very long time favorite for many, and with valid reasons. Its fast outcomes are very eye-catching, making it the choice anabolic steroid to get started with a bulking cycle. But, as you’ve discovered, it has its down parts. The negative effects are comprehensive and its utilization needs meticulous planning and the necessary safety measures needs to be taken seriously to secure your health.

Dianabol is and by orally an active anabolic steroid and as such has been customized at the molecular level to thrive metabolic rate by the liver organ which would otherwise provide the anabolic steroid non-active. The process of changing steroid drugs to get them to by orally active, however, also causes them to be hepatotoxic, which means that they place included stress on the liver organ. If so you still have questions, check out results on steroid message boards to see for yourself.