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Useful ways of overcoming and controlling leptin resistance

There so much information regarding dieting that sometimes may become confusing to know the right food to take. It is obviously remembered that excess calories can result in the accumulation of fats in the body. Also, it is important to note that proper dieting cannot control obesity.

Checkout this link to find the essential factors you need to understand about dieting. Hormones like leptin act a significant role in assimilation and food digestion. Here are various leptin hormone control and overcome leptin resistance:

Replenish fats in the body

The primary role of the leptin hormone is to replenish fat that reserved in the body with energy. It is, therefore, an evolutionary benefit that ensures the body can survive, especially during famine. When the level of leptin has gone down, the brain will receive a signal from leptin hormone that the body needs food.

If the brain receptors are exhausted by too much calorie consumption, the leptin hormone level will increase, which may cause the body not to receive the right signal from the brain hypo5thalamus. Since the leptin hormone doesn’t work appropriately, the body will start requesting more food that will eventually cause obesity.

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How leptin receptors get worn out

It is important to know what causes receptors become exhausted. You should know that every time you eat food, any food, including snacks, every bit will be consumed in your body and into your bloodstream and leptin, will be released. If you are obsessing over five meal daily, you make your brain become under what is known as leptin barrage.

Also, then those snacks that you think don’t add up in your daily meal consumption will cause even the healthy ones to wear your receptors. A piece of exhausted Velcro will make your receptors to stop consumption of food nutrient into the bloodstream. That’s how you will discover you have issues with weight loss.

How to curb leptin resistance

Once you noticed that you are having leptin resistance issue, try to limit your daily meals intake. For instance, if you are usually taking 5 to 8 meals a day, at least to reduce it to 2 or 3 meals a day. Proper spacing of meals will give your body a suitable break of leptin hormone surge, which will make it focus on stored fats to release energy, rather than consuming calories.

Impact of inflammation to leptin hormone

One of the causes of leptin resistance is inflammations since it affects the reception by making them dormant. Therefore, it is always advised that if you’re suffering from an inflammatory problem, you should try using spices and anti-inflammatory herbs to decrease the systemic inflammation.


Improving your level of leptin will result in the perfection of the entire hormone function of the body. It means your body will get enough energy with a lesser weigh increase, which will eventually reduce inflammation. Leptin and leptin resistance is a minor body issue that can be managed naturally without seeking advanced medication.


Our weight can often prove to be a problem for many of us. The body is such a strange mechanism, at times, however much you workout, the weight refuses to change. The amount of money one spends on gyms or medicines that claim to reduce your weight causes a lot of stress, which leads to low self-esteem and heartache.

The stress of not losing any weight as well as the side effects of the extra weight on the body can wreak havoc on the mind as well as body, which could lead to a nervous breakdown. Losing time, energy and money on procedures that rarely deliver as promised brings more suffering.

However, there is ray of hope at the end of every tunnel. And, for those battling overweight, the ray of hope comes from the Gastric Balloon Surgery, or slankeoperasjon. As opposed to the Bariatric Surgery, this Gastric Balloon Surgery is a far more patient-friendly surgery.


The Gastric Balloon Surgery is a weight reduction procedure that does not require any surgical modification of the digestive tract. The concept behind it is to minimize the space available in the stomach so that the patient is not able to eat as much as they used to, earlier.

The balloon is a temporary feature introduced in the stomach of the patients till the time they reduce their weight and adopt a healthier life style, after which the balloon is removed. The patients can then continue following the new dietary habits they have become accustomed to.

Potential side effects:

The fear of the insertion of a foreign body can lead to some stress, but it is a very rare occurrence that the balloon can cause any side effects. And, only in rare cases does it need any corrective intervention. The side effects—if they occur—are short lived and need not be a matter of concern.

Effectiveness of the surgery:

The slankeoperasjon has been around for almost 30 years now. And, with time, researchers have modified the balloon by creating it out of silicone that is filled with saline, added through a self-sealing valve. The entire procedure takes less than half an hour, and is much preferred over the surgical one.

Why in Riga:

As opposed to general perception, Riga is one of the most technologically advanced cities with modern and efficient hospitals and clinics. The medical facilities here have highly trained surgeons and medical support staff. Moreover, this surgery costs way less in Riga and thus saves a lot of money.


The Gastric Balloon Surgery helps the patient gain confidence, enjoy an improved appearance and energy levels, a longer life and an improved outlook towards health and life. The balloon gets removed after a year, a period during which a close eye is kept on the patient to observe any changes, or side effects, if any.