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Transmission of a disease happens only when we are less aware or less careful about the disease which happens due to lack of information which we know about the diseases. Now a days as the percentage of air borne transmitting diseases are getting gradually increased and their rate of treatment is not been found properly,we as humans are suffering a lot from these transmissions. In order to protect ourselves from this we need to wear the masks and maintain hygiene. As the demand of masks got increased the production of these disposable masks started so vigorously LHM Medical is one of the manufacturers that is producing the most productive disposable masks which are very much helpful to many medical helpers all over the world.

Now let us discuss about the procedural earloop mask which are fluid resistant and are used for both surgical purposes and normal treatment purposes. These masks are used when light to moderate fluids is oozed out, as they are fluid resistant and also are disposable one time use masks these masks need no maintenance as they are being used only while treating the patients. These masks are highly protected masks for example if a infected patient visits the hospital without any care of minimum the hospital facilities responsibility is to issue a complete PPE kit to the patient and set a separate ward for the patients of that infected virus and treat them. While treating those infected patients even the medical helpers and doctors should be very much careful and take all the necessary precautions so that the infection may not affect them, and they should also wear the PPE kit, at least the face mask should be worn by the helpers. As the growth of the infection be more on the affected people this might create a problem so necessary precautions should be taken by the hospital staff as well.

As there are many other types of masks which are readily available in the market it is always better to wear only the double layered procedure disposable mask when we are visiting an infected person as it would take much preventive measure of infection not entering into our body and also we can take other necessary precautions along with the mask which is a compulsory precaution. These masks protect us from all sorts of air borne transmissions and also the air pollution, so it is always better to wear a mask before going out of our home.