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Effectively Reverse Insulin Resistance With These Amazing Foods!

Effectively Reverse Insulin Resistance With These Amazing Foods!

When your insulin goes up to a seemingly uncontrollable level, sometimes you think that only medications can help control your blood sugar. Research indicated that with the help of food, herbs, and different spices, this can change your life. So what to eat on an insulin resistance diet? Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Insulin Resistance?

Insulin is a hormone that enables the body to absorb glucose to help keep your blood sugar levels in a balance. When you are suffering from Insulin resistance, this will make it harder for glucose to be absorbed, and when this happens, this can cause problems for muscles, fat, and the liver because these need glucose. In a matter of time, your insulin resistance can cause high blood sugar levels and potentially damage your cells. When the blood sugar levels are not balanced, this can lead to type 2 diabetes and those individuals with insulin resistance are often diagnosed with prediabetes.

Diet Tips For Insulin Resistant Individuals

Eating lots of seasonal plant-based foods, or having fruit for dessert, and even using olive oil as the main source of fat can help insulin resistance. Also, fish, poultry, and other dairy products should be eaten in moderation. You should also have a very small amount of red meat and a little wine during meals. Even if you have insulin resistance, it is still possible to enjoy foods that you can find from every food group. So what are the foods that you can eat?

what to eat on an insulin resistance diet

Foods To Eat!

These are the foods that can help support your insulin sensitivity:

  • Antioxidant Foods – berries
  • Foods Rich In Omega-3 Fatty Acids – salmon
  • High-fiber Foods – beans and whole grains
  • Non-starchy Vegetables – broccoli and peppers
  • Protein-rich Foods – fish, lean meats, and nuts
  • Sweet Potatoes – contains lower GI than other potatoes
  • Unsweetened Teas
  • Water – a good substitute for sweetened drinks 

Foods To Avoid!

There are certain types of food that can increase the amount of blood sugar in your body. Remember to limit or completely avoid them to make sure that you maintain a steady blood sugar level.

  • Alcohol – avoid beer and grain alcohol in large amounts
  • Dairy From Cows – milk
  • Excessive Sugary Sweets – limit your consumption of cupcakes, ice cream, or chocolate bars
  • Foods High In Saturated Fats – this will include chocolate, butter, and salt pork
  • Fried Foods – any kind even if it’s healthy
  • Grains – avoid refined or whole grains since this can worsen insulin sensitivity
  • Processed Snacks And Boxed Foods
  • Starchy Vegetables – this will include corn, potatoes, pumpkin, and yams
  • Sweetened Beverages – fruit juices, soda, and fountain drinks
  • White Bread, Rice, Pasta, And Flour – these are lower in fiber than whole grain

It is very important that you limit or avoid the foods that are bad for your insulin resistance and replace them with a healthier alternative as often as possible. By adhering to a diet that is rich in fiber and plants while being low in sugars, there is a high chance that you can improve your insulin sensitivity. Regular exercise is also a very important factor. The lifestyle changes that you are willing to do can diminish the danger of Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and other life-threatening health conditions.