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Exercise which will help you to keep you feet healthy

Most of the people experience foot or ankle pain at some stage of their life. It is always advised to keep your foot and ankle healthy as they help you to maintain your balance. Just imaging if you do not have a healthy feet how much struggle you have to face for everything. The people who are suffering for foot or ankle pain can use orthotics san antonio which will give them a great relief along with this you can do few exercises which will help you keep your feet and ankle healthy. Let us see some useful exercise which will help you.

  • Toe raise, point and curl: In this type of exercise you need to keep your toes on the ground and raise your heels and stay in the same position for some time. Next change the position and raise the toes and the heel in such way that only the big toe are touching the ground. And the last position is raise your hell and toes so that only the tip of the toe is touched to the ground. Hold in the same position for some time. This will help you to increase the flexibility.
  • Big toe stretch: Set on the chair and put your right foot on to the left thigh and with the help of your hand move the big toes in all directions and in each position stay for some time. Once this is done than move to the next foot and repeat the same action. This will help you to reduce pain which you may be suffering because of wearing tight shoes.

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  • Toes play: To do this exercise sit on the chair and place your foot on the floor. Know move the toes far from each other and stay in that position for some time. Repeat the same step for some number of times. It helps to strength the toe muscles, you can do the exercise together or alternate feet whichever is comfortable to you.
  • Toe curls: In this exercise you need to sit on a chair and place your foot flat on the ground and place a towel on the floor and try to grasp the towel with help of one toe by raising the foot. Do it for some time and then repeat the same with the other leg toes.
  • Marble pickup: You need to sit on the chair and place a bowl in front of your foot, also place few marbles. Then try to hold the marble each at a time with one leg toes and place them in the empty bowl. Once you have placed all the marbles then repeat the same with the other leg. Doing this exercise you will strengthen the muscles under the feet and toes.


Hope you will try all the above mentioned exercises and keep your foot healthy.