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Hair removal options

Excess hair affects a large number of people. Some of the regions where people have unwanted hair are the back, legs, upper lips, and so on. The reason for such hair growth might be due to Genetics or certain medicines usage. Like corticosteroids, it increases levels of some specific hormones. Undesired hair can be removed in a variety of methods. Commonly, there will be some hair growth after few weeks. Let us look into some of the ways through which you can do hair removal in Redmond, WA.

  • Shaving: Legs, forearm, and facial hair are best shaved. However, it can result in ingrown hairs, particularly in the upper thigh.
  • Plucking: Plucking can be unpleasant, but that is an excellent choice if you simply want to eliminate just a few hairs. When adjusting your brow or taking out some stray hairs on your forehead, plucking may be necessary. This hair care procedure, although, cannot be used in big regions. Ingrown hairs or scars are possible side effects.
  • Depilatory creams: Hair removal treatments without any proper prescription are commonly known as depilatory lotions. Anyone can buy those products from the market as they are easily available. But make sure you read the label carefully as all the products are not similar. You shouldn’t be using the hair removal lotion designed for genital hairs to remove hair from your forehead. These creams’ chemicals disintegrate the hair shaft. When you use a cream incorrectly, such as by keeping it around for an extended period, there is a probability of burning your skin. If you have a past of adverse reactions, examine a tiny area of your forearm with a little amount of the cream to ensure you may not have a negative response. Always carefully follow the instructions given on the label of the product.
  • Hot waxing: You may do it yourself at house or get an expert to do this in a shop. Hot wax could be untidy and unpleasant, and some strands may be left behind when they break away. One detrimental impact to be aware of is infections. You could feel a burning if the wax becomes hotter. If you’re also using prescribed acne treatments or taking isotretinoin, you shouldn’t utilize this approach. If you are doing, the waxing will peel your flesh away from your body. Many ladies have been using this hair care procedure to remove hair.


These are some of the ways to remove unwanted hair, choose the one which is best suits your requirement.